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InVizion Works for Water

InVizion's award-winning solution is used by leading private water utilities to increase the output and outcome of their annual CIP. To learn more, check out our introductory videos, read our case studies and news releases, or contact us directly.

Visit us at AWWA ACE18 in Isle Utilities’ Innovation Lounge (Booth 21108) for a chance to win a $12,500 Proof-of-Concept to Improve Your CIP

Up to 5 Water Utilities will receive a Limited, No-Charge, Proof of Concept (POC), using InVizion®‘s award-winning approach, geared to increase Capital Improvement Plan performance. Water Utilities will gain insight, in as little as a few hours, on how to reduce the time to create and manage their CIPs as well as improve its cost and schedule performance.

Up to 5 winners will be chosen from qualified water systems with connections greater than 25,000 (public) or 10,000 (private). POC typically requires a total of 3+ hours of time by a Capital Planner or Administrator over a 3-week period to collaborate with a certified InVizion consultant.

Can't make it to AWWA ACE 18? You can still submit your entry for your chance to win.

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