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Thought Leadership

Working with numerous clients over the years we’ve recognized best practices, trends and issues which help our clients gain competitive, operational and financial advantages.  Sharing those with the broader community is our way of enabling all organizations to perform at a higher level.  

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7sins of Collaborative Budgeting

Navigating Uncertainty: A Capital Program Playbook

Unprecedented.  Unthinkable. Uncertain.  Over the last few months we’ve seen the use of these “un” words along with many others to describe the unheard-of situation we find ourselves in...

Yes, Finance and Engineering can be BFFs

One of our clients, an engineering director of a major water utility, made a bold claim when she stated, “Against the will of every engineer, their job needs them to also be an accountant”...

Don't Forget the Fundamentals

I recently read an article from a well-regarded industry veteran who was excited about all the new technologies available to our industry.  Everything from big data to IoT to Machine Learning...

5 Best Practices for Utility Capital Planning & Execution

Optimizing a Capital Improvement Program (CIP) can be a daunting task for any organization given the inherent complexities and many “moving parts” that constitute the plan.  When a CIP...

Why My Capital Planning Role is So Challenging

Although roles in planning differ, we’ve seen the same handful of challenges related to the effective planning and execution of capital programs.  If I walk a mile in a Director of Engineering’s shoes... 

The Irony of Planning & Budgeting

Each year, financial and capital program managers must strike a balance between rate increases and the requirement to modernize our water and wastewater utilities... 

InVizion for Asset Intensive Industries

Utilities and other asset-intensive organizations depend on sound capital planning and forecasting to manage financial performance while they invest in infrastructure. However, ...

Say Goodbye to Spreadsheets

Making decisions with imperfect data is hard enough, you don’t have to do it with one arm tied behind your back. Here are just a few reasons...

The 7 Sins of Budgeting

Everyone knows manual processes do not scale and ineffective communication leads to execution problems. Yet, these issues are all too prevalent in large organizations when planning a significant budget involving many people across multiple groups, programs, and projects... 

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