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24 Hours to Capital Efficiency & Delivery

InVizion is designed for asset-intensive organizations, to leverage and enhance the value of your existing financial management, asset management, project portfolio management (PPM) and other mission-critical enterprise systems.


InVizion quickly combines project data from disconnected enterprise systems for accurate planning, tracking, forecasting, reporting, what-if analysis and decision-making -- without manual manipulation of spreadsheets. Clients have experienced an instant increase in productivity and effectiveness:


  • Rapidly address the impact of variances or changing constraints on your program, projects or resources,

  • Objectively develop and optimize revised execution strategies, and

  • Clearly communicate and defend resulting critical decisions to stakeholders.


InVizion lets you harness the power of PPM tools, like Oracle’s Primavera P6, by translating the critical relationships (e.g., milestones, predecessors, successors) embedded in the underlying detailed plans and project schedules into a high-level portfolio management roadmap. Even projects without fully-developed, resource-loaded detailed plans are easily sequenced and tracked in InVizion for comprehensive reporting, forecasting and analysis

InVizion also uses your unique terminology and business rules to merge in budgets, monthly actual costs and/or revised forecasts from your existing enterprise system(s), for accurate reporting. The result is an unparalleled degree of visibility and insight into execution risks and opportunities. InVizion increases the reliability of your decisions in response to changes in budget, variances or deadlines. 


InVizion makes it easy


  • Rapidly perform “what-if” analysis at a summary level while honoring the dependencies within and between detailed projects. 

  • Easily configure, compare and contrast different alternatives given your program constraints and resource limits, at any level of detail. 

  • Maximize available budget and resource utilization while adapting to changes.

  • Evaluate both short- and long-term impacts of proposed changes in real-time, to produce better decisions.


Rapid, cost-effective deployment


Unlike a typical costly and multi-year enterprise system implementation, InVizion can be implemented rapidly and cost effectively. Because InVizion uses your terminologies and business rules, it is extremely easy to train all stakeholders to be productive in the application.  InVizion is cloud-enabled to deliver value and impact almost immediately, at a fraction of the cost of enterprise systems.


InVizion is valuable to all stakeholders


All users have access to “slice and dice” program reports and graphs, to compare alternate program scenarios prepared by InVizion Analyzer(s), and to review opportunities and risks associated with proposed changes. Different access levels are established by role:

  • Analysts can integrate multiple project plans, schedules, risks and funding sources into one program/portfolio model at desired level of granularity for effective planning, scenario modeling and analysis. Analysts are also responsible for standardizing views and dashboards.

  • Managers can view a scorecard of key metrics over time for the entire program, and perform what-if analysis at a summary level.

  • Executives can drill down from graphical dashboards at a high-level to a more detailed level as required for Management by Exception.

  • Other types of users can be granted access to review variance reports, submit budget change requests, record updates and forecasts.


Can InVizion work for you? 

Contact us for a custom demonstration so you can be convinced.

Sample InVizion Executive Dashboard

Sample Executive Dashboard

Sample InVizion scenario comparison chart

Sample side-by-side scenario comparison chart

Sample InVizion view for what-if analysis

Sample layout for what-if analysis

Sample Scenario Scorecard

Want to see more?  We invite you to browse our library for customer success stories, videos and other InVizion product literature. 

sample scenario scorecard screenshot.png
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